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How can I get to know the association?

If you’re interested in becoming a member of N.S.R.V. Jolly Jumper you can check it out for the first time by participating in a trial lesson at the riding school of the association. During the trial lesson you will get to know members of the association, see the riding school where our lessons take place and can hear all about the association from the members. It’s possible to take one trial lessons. Sadly, it’s not possible to try out during one of the activities. As a member you can enjoy these!

What does a trial lesson look like?

If you’re interested in becoming a member of N.S.R.V. Jolly Jumper you can check it out for the first time by participating in a trial lesson. You can set one up by emailing the secretary of the association.

What do I need for a trial lesson?

If you don’t have your own riding gear, you can borrow a helmet and boots at the riding school.

Do I have to have riding experience to sign up?

No, this is not required. We have had many members that had never ridden a horse before, learn how to ride at Jolly Jumper.

How much time does being a member cost?

As a member you decide for yourself how much time this should be. Our lessons take an hour each, plus travel time. Activities usually take between 2 to 4 hours, but we also have an activity that takes an entire weekend. No activities are compulsory.

What does a membership cost?

A membership costs €20,- per academic year. Should you become a member after the first of April, you only have to pay €10,- for the remainder of the year.

How can I become a member?

By signing up through the sign-up form and transferring the membership fee to IBAN <IBAN vereniging> addressed to N.S.R.V. Jolly Jumper, mentioning your full name and the academic year. For example: Bob Smith 2020-2021.

When can I become a member?

You can become a member anytime you want! Note that the date of sign up might change the membership fee.

Is it easy to get to know fellow members?

This of course depends on how active you are with the lessons, activities, and drinks. The threshold to join all our activities is low, so everyone can feel welcome!

What kind of activities does the association offer?

We have weekly lessons at the riding school “De Veluw” in Ewijk. There are lessons for every level of riding. Besides this the association offers two monthly horse-related activities, a social activity, and a drink at the bar “Van Ouds”. You can decide for yourself which you would like to join.

How does the subsidy for lessons and activities work?

As a member you will get back a subsidy at the end of the year. The treasurers of the board and activity committee keep track of these. You will receive an email about this at the end of the academic year. This only applies if you own an RSC sport card!

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